Having known Adrian for over ten years, we were thrilled when he and Louise came and asked us to capture their wedding for them.  They were married on 1st October with all of their friends and families surrounding them to join in with the celebrations.  Louise had spent months meticulously planning every detail, and it really paid off with guests enjoying laughter, popcorn and plenty of fizz!

Sending you both huge congratulations, we enjoyed every second of your wedding and thank you both so, so much for having us there on your special day.

Much love,

Lee & Gem xx


beautiful video, and the music in which you chose is perfect, it was a very joyful day in which you seem to have captured, thank you once again for professional work in which my daughter louise and husband adrian can reminisce over in years to come.

Thank you so much for your lovely comments…

Adrian and Lou’s day was beautiful, we LOVED it and can’t wait for you all to see the full film :o)

Hope you are all well, Lee & Gem x

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