Neil and Kayleigh…first things first, let’s begin by saying thank you to you both and your gorgeous families who made us so welcome throughout your big day, we definitely felt part of your celebrations…and the fact that I (Gem) made a new best friend in gorgeous little Elliot just topped my day off!

After spending our morning with Kayleigh and her hilarious family, I say this as we walked in to Kayleigh’s parents home to find Paul cleaning the fridge (the things Dad’s will do to keep out of trouble haha!) and one of the busiest living rooms I have ever seen on the morning of a wedding!

We then head over to Holy Apostle and Martyr’s Church in Wallasey for a beautiful ceremony followed by a sunny afternoon at Thornton Hall Hotel, and as soon as we arrived at the venue it was very clear to us that Neil and Kayleigh’s family were ready to celebrate! What else would you expect when you throw a huge Irish family into the mix with a load of scousers! We absolutely loved it and thank you both so much for choosing us to capture your special day

Gem & Lee


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